Our Team

Alex Keffalas (General Manager)                                                                                  
B.S. Chemical Engineering
Penn State University
20 yrs experience
Qualified Stack Testing Individual (QSTI)


Trevor Block (Project Manager)
B.S. Environmental Chemistry
Slippery Rock University
9 yrs experience.
Qualified Stack Testing Individual (QSTI)


Roger Mellars (Emissions Analyst) 
8 yrs experience


Alexandra Garsteck (Project Manager) 
B.S. Chemistry
University of Pittsburgh
Masters in Forensic Science
University of Florida
5 years experience


Philip Miruri (Emissions Analyst) 
B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Robert Morris University
Master of Engineering, Aerospace Engineering
Penn State University
2 years experience


Theresa Turner (Administration)
B.S. General Business
George Mason University


Robin Fry (Business Development)
B.S. Business Management
Westbrook College
30 years experience